Ryu the Dark

Ship(s) Piloted:
Home System:
Character Alignment:
Gorn Hegemony
Chaotic Good

The heroic stalwart of the Gorn Hegemony known as Ryu ,has received his honorary title "The dark Tactician" during the Incident 4234-C, referred to as Operation "Tiamat". His fleet of cloaked bombers and destroyers incinerated a full battalion of Klingon battle-cruiser ships out of a well planned ambush at Qu'Vat using focused quantum torpedo barrages. Afterwards Ryu's fleet used its speed advantage to kite several reinforcement troops using well-timed hit-and-run maneuvers. Ultimately, Ryu flattened an outpost station of the Klingons with an epic ground assault. Ryu's fervor is the accumulation of wealth and prestige. His most memorable quote was: "Thou cannot go against thy nature, no more than a fish could walketh upon the firmament." Ryu the Dark is acting on behalf of the Gorn Hegemony Guild and helped establish the final frontier of the Gorn in the CSC Universe.

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