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CSC Valuation Space: #02 Current First Fleet Valuations

All information is current as of August3, 2019.

This article in the Valuation series will take a look at the public valuation history of the most popular First Fleet ships. This data was taken from OpenSea, it does not include private sales (hopefully I can add some of that in later) and it doesn't include bundle sales. Despite that you will seee the trends are consistent and give a sense of how the CSC market has changed over time.

As an overview, First Fleet ships (FF) were released early last year and through the summer of 2018. Additionally, we've had a recent set of new FF ships namely the Frostsaber and Dominator that have been released in the last couple months. You'll see in the pricing of all the ships a general upward trend especially over the last few months. But I'd also like to point out the lull we experienced in late 2018. This was when development of the game seemed to have slowed down, and the discord channel was literally a ghost town for a little while. Prices declined during that period, and it is incredible to see the prices you could have gotten some of these ships at especially with what they are going for right now. Two lessons can be taken from that period, one these ship values can go down! And maybe, keep the faith!

In the future these updates will include an estimation of the fundamental value of the different ships. This will be a combination of the cost of materials needed, the insurance value, and potentially other aspects. In the end this will be the anchor of what the value should fluctuate around, but for now the sky's the limit, speculation!


Current Market Value: $1300 - $1600

Fundamental Value: Unknown

The chart below represents 58 sales over the last year or so on opensea.io The trend is definitely up and to the right, the last sale though in the general trend line, might be skewing the results some. There are a lot of Harvesters out there so we should expect them to remain on the cheaper end of the Prometheus first fleet ships.


Current Market Value: $320 - $380

Fundamental Value: Unknown

The chart below represents 56 sales on opensea.io over the last year. The trend has been fairly steady on an upward trajectory. Recent sales are in line with the trend.


Current Market Value: $130 - $160

Fundamental Value: Unknown

The chart below represents 106 sales on opensea.io over the last year. Except for what appears to be an unfortunately pricey purchase by an individual in early June the trend has been pretty robust and is following the other FF ship values.


Current Market Value: $1800 - $2200

Fundamental Value: Unknown

Frostsabers are relatively new to the scene, so there isn't a ton of history, and this chart only represents 17 sales so far (though I know many more have traded behind the scenes). The trend here follows the other with value increasing as the game continues to attract new payers and attention.


Current Market Value: $2500 - $5000

Fundamental Value: Unknown

The chart below represents a grand total of 4 transactions! The FF destroyer is one of the more rare ships, 25 out in the wild and 5 held by LS. It has the largest module capacity of a Prometheus class ship tied with the Frostsaber at 80 slots. There are only about 10 individuals who own these ships so trading is very tight. Given the run up in the other ships over the last few weeks, I've estimated a to range for this ship in the $5,000 range.

The Dominator and Breeze first fleets have had so little traded at this point it didn't seem worth the chart, the FF Destroyer was the same situation but given its of the more rare and expensive ships I figured it needed some due. Right now the Dominator is trading in the $600 to $700 range and the FF Breeze $150 - 300 range. The Breeze first fleets are somewhat rare and seem to have a bit of a premium on them despite their size.

Disclaimer, I own all of the ships listed above, so have a desire for positive information here, but they do not represent a significant portion of my finances so hopefully I can remain objective in my analysis!

For a discussion of why we are primarily using USD and not ETH please the our previous post:


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