July Developer Q&A Summary and Updates

This is a summary of content covered in the July 18th Developer Q&A session. You can watch a recording of the session on your platform of choice using one of the following links: Youtube Twitch DLive Periscope One of the major announcements of this session was the release of SE ships and starter packs, the details of these are covered in a separate article here. Now onto all the hot news! User base growth and server management Lucid Sight reports that growth of the user base has been tremendous and healthy, having blown through the 1000 unique player goal already. Related to this, servers for CSC have been switched over to a professional server management company with experience managing other massive online games such as Apex Legends. This move ensures CSC is setup to scale quickly and efficiently with little effort in preparation for the Steam launch and Star Trek events.

Additionally, there have been updates to the Channel system, including adding a Net tab in-game so players can see the Channel they are in and how many players are in their channel. The channel system groups players in close proximity to each other into different instances to allow for scaling of the player base without issues of lag or overcrowding arising. A single channel is currently limited to 50 concurrent players but this number is easily scaled and will likely be increased in the near future when necessary.

Additional star systems added along with FTL Jumps A number of new star systems have been added into the game including the first Fringe systems available to players. Some of the systems are available via Jump Gates but others will require you to initiate an FTL jump via the Galactic Map, be warned, some of these jumps can take 20+ hours depending on the speed of your ship. Your ship will continue travel if you log out of the game so it is a good idea to initiate FTL Jumps at the end of the day when you are done playing. Fortunately, in a new patch in the near future, we will be able to swap between ships when one is in FTL travel so you will be able to continue playing while your other ship is en route. All systems currently available along with their distance and designation can be seen in the table below.

Loot drop and pickup enabled

The ability to drop and pick up loot is now enabled. Once you drop loot it can disappear for good after 3 hours. You can drop everything from ore to modules to crates and starter packs. You will only be able to drop modules if you have them checked in, if you drop a module and another player picks it up then ownership of that module will transfer to that users account. Royalty System

The royalty system is still in place. When an item is crafted the crafter will be able to place a royalty fee on the item that will be paid back to the original crafter every time that item is sold. This system will mostly be in use for rare or highly desirable modules and ships. Galactic Federation Police GF Police will be enacted this week in Core Space systems. GF Police will spawn when hostilities occur between players in Core Space in an effort to protect new players as they learn the game.

Upcoming patches and releases

Patch 0.6.0 is expected to land in the next couple weeks and will cover refining with a few additional features, crafting will be released soon after. An Early Access Steam launch is expected by the end of August to allow for promotion of the Star Trek Divergence Event via the Steam platform. Additionally the team will be travelling to the Star Trek LV convention this week to introduce the game to a completely new audience and begin major promotion for the games launch and the Star Trek Divergence event. Additional articles will be posted this week covering the details of TCF crafting, FTL travel and QJumps, as well as an article covering new details of the crafting and deconstruction system.

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Commander RyanJK

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