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How to Play: CSC (Crypto Space Commander) — Part 2

This is the second part in my series about CSC. The first part is here, please have a read as it is helpful to understand the initial sign up process, the purchasing of modules and a ship from OpenSea:


How to Play — The Basics

CSC is currently in a playable Alpha version through either Steam or Windows/Mac launchers, this article will now explain how to play the game in this current Alpha Build.

I’d recommend reading this article from the official CSC Medium Channelthat explains a lot about the 0.5 Alpha Build (Published in December 2018). It is slightly out of date now, but the core gameplay principles are correct. The following information is a repeat of what is in that blog post, with some key tweaks/tips that I can picked up, and is aimed at a new player to guide them through the Alpha.

As previously mentioned in my Part 1 article here, I would recommend purchasing a ship +/- modules from the secondary marketplace on OpenSea, or opening crates from the CSC Website (crates have 5 modules in each, and have a low chance of a ship). This however isn’t necessary to start the game, as first time round, everyone starts in a small Pod that you can pilot just like a normal ship (This Pod is also what you pilot after being destroyed).

First Time Load/Docking at a Space Station.

When you load the game for the first time you will start in your Pod in the Sol system, close to the Galactic Federation (GFI) Home Station. To move your ship, you can Double-click the left mouse button at an area to direct your ship to a location. Other ways to move the ship are to left-click and hold on your ship and drag in a direction, the ship will then continuously fly toward your cursor. Once you release the left mouse button the ship will travel indefinitely in that direction, until another move action is made. You can also use Shift + Left-Click to move to a location. Use Shift + right-click and drag to adjust the game’s camera and scroll up or down to adjust the zoom level.

If you have already purchased a ship (either through crates or from the open market on OpenSea) then you will have to dock at a space station to board your ship/s. You should be close enough to see the GFI Home Station, right click on the station and select Dock, followed by Enter Station. If you are not close to the GFI Home Station then click on the Navigation button at the top left of your screen to open up the System Map, where you can see other ships and points of interest. Space stations are indicated with blue satellite icon. GFI Home Station is located near the Jump Gate in Sol System (next to Venus). Select the desired Space Station (in this case GFI) to select the co-ordinates and then click Slip Stream at left of the System Map to pilot your ship toward the station.

Once you’ve arrived at a space station, right click on the station and select Dock, followed by Enter Station. This will dock your ship and open a menu to board other owned ships, view your hangar to equip modules. If you own multiple ships, you can board another by clicking on the desired ship’s icon in your hangar and then the Board Ship button. In future builds it will also be here that you can access the Space Stations Marketplace.

You’ll be able to see newly purchased modules at the bottom right of your hangar (Shown as Station Cargo). Modules displayed at the Top Right of the hangar represent the item inventory of your currently boarded ship (Shown as Active Ship Cargo).

Equipping Modules

To equip purchased modules in CSC you first have to make sure that you have boarded a ship. Then click the Equip Modules button in the Top Right of the screen. Left-Click a module (long press for 1–2 seconds) and then drag the modules from the right side of the screen over to the left side of the screen onto the skeleton module layout of your selected ship. After each module has been placed in the module skeleton I would recommend clicking Save. From here, continue to click and drag the desired modules onto your ship. You will be able to see occupied and available hard points at the top of the screen. Only weapon and mining modules count toward your hard point limit. (Each ship has a maximum hard point limit.

Once finished, click Save, followed by Back. Click Undock to return to the game.


Once into your ship we can now look at the controls and options that can be clicked and set. At the top left of the screen, you’ll see your ship’s stats: Hit Points (HP), and if applicable, Armour and Shields. You’ll also see the amount of currency you own and your current location — noted in GUx and GUz.

Your equipped modules (that can be used to mine, scan or shoot) are shown at the bottom of the screen. Activate them by clicking on each icon, or they can be activated with the numbers 1 to 0 on your keyboard. Some modules like weapons or mining lasers only activate when you have a target selected and are in range. You’ll see a green dot at the top right corner of each icon when it’s activated.

There are sliders and icons at the bottom right of the screen. The 3 buttons allow quick clicks to go instantly to Slip Stream, to All Stop and a Manual Button.

The 3 ship sliders represent the amount of power diverted to the Defence / Offence systems and to the Engine systems. Defence adjusts how quickly your shield regenerate. Offence adjusts how fast weapons can shoot. Engine adjusts how fast your ship moves. It’s possible to max out all three sliders, but this will have significant impact on your power usage. This will reflect on your power core, the canister that is just above mgu/s.

The top left of your screen you will see an arrow icon that brings up the navigation map. The cube icon represents your cargo. Clicking it will open you inventory to show acquired resources and available space left on your ship. The sunlight icon allows you to toggle your ship’s headlights. This helps for darker areas and for uncovering hidden loot. The camera icon allows you to switch between the 3 Camera Modes: Fixed, Follow and Free (I prefer to play on Free Camera).


Currently in this Alpha build of CSC you can attack anyone, anywhere, the good news though, is that there is no permanent death. If you get destroyed, you’ll be back in you Pod. Head back to a Space Station and click the Reclaim button.

To fight other ships target them by hitting left-click then selecting Target (Or click the Keyboard shortcut T). Activate your weapon or shield modules by clicking the respective icon at the bottom of your screen (or again using the Keyboard numbers from 1 to 0).

The HP, armour health, and shield health will begin to deplete when hit. The Shields will regenerate. Armour does not however. Damage dealt and damage received will be available to see in the Logs.


To mine an Asteroid (or multiple Asteroids) in CSC, I’d recommend having a scanner equipped. Click your scanner and read your Logs, if an asteroid has any ore in it a message will display with a Spectral Frequency. To select an asteroid to min, fly nearby and target it by left-clicking. Then, select the mining laser module. You’ll be able to see mined ore in your logs, as well as in your cargo. You can select multiple asteroids by left clicking whilst holding Ctrl. Another method to select asteroid is to left click the logs.

Quick Keyboard Shortcuts

T : Select Next Target (Players or NPCs)

Y : Unlock Primary Target

[ ] : Rotate Between Locked Targets

U : Toggle U.I.

R : Reset Camera

F : Movement — Full Power

V : Movement — All Stop

O : Zoom Out

P : Zoom In

J : Rotate Camera Counterclockwise

L : Rotate Camera Clockwise

Part 3 of this Guide will go into more details on the Alpha Build for mining and fighting of CSC. It will show a lot of tips and tricks during play of the Alha in the CSC Universe

A link to the Part 3 of this How to Play CSC Guide will be added here in due time.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and hopefully it is benefited you. Please consider signing up to CSC through my link in this article, as I receive a 5% referral — https://www.csc-game.com/?cmdRef=5d2e3ae462d3aa

Please Clap, Follow me on Medium or Publish0x, or Follow on Twitter etc. My Social Details are below. I’m also active in the CSC Discord Channel and will happily help any player who requires any further information for how to play, what to buy, valuations of ships/modules etc.

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