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How to Play: CSC (Crypto Space Commander) — Part 1

What is: CSC (Crypto Space Commander)

CSC is a sandbox space MMO that operates a player-owned economy. Players can travel to different star systems, mine stellar bodies for resources, craft items and ships to sell, battle pirates and other players while commanding their very own Starship. CSC utilises the Ethereum blockchain to secure game assets, enforce P2P contract actions, and run the game economy.

Time of Writing = 10th June 2019

Updated = 6th July 2019

The gameplay is current in Alpha version (0.5.17) and is available on Steam and/or on Windows/Mac Stand Alone launchers. I’d highly recommend playing through the Steam Build though; as all future updates will be driven through that platform (no manual updates).

How to Start:

This article will now describe the first steps for setting up a CSC account and how to access the game. Future articles are in development to explain the Alpha build to help newer players.

Visit the CSC Website here and create an account. You’ll need to connect your account to a Metamask Extension.

You don’t currently need to purchase anything to play the game. As there is a free to play (F2P) in game pod to fly around the Sol system with.

However, the F2P Pod is very limited and I’d strongly advise you to consider buying a ship +/- modules. Currently, you have 2 options for how to buy a Ship:

1. Visit the CSC Website after you’ve created an account, and then purchase Module Crates. These module crates contain 5 modules each that can be attached to your ships. They vary in size/utility/rarity/value (future post will discuss modules). There is also a small % chance of receiving a ship in each module.

2. Visit the CSC Sale page on the Secondary Marketplace OpenSea and purchase a Ship with ETH. You can use OpenSea to sell/trade any modules/ships that you currently have from previous crate sales. Once you have purchased a ship from OpenSea, access your CSC account and you’ll see your ship there (it may take a few minutes for the transactions to confirm). To use the ship in the CSC Universe, you will be required to Check-In the Asset (This will require a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain)

This Medium article from the official CSC Medium page explains the different classes and types of ships (may be subject to change/different ships added etc).

I have also created an article to discuss the First Fleet and Unique Ships in the game – That article is here.

This is an infographic with all known ships in the CSC Universe:

Downloading CSC to Play:

2 Options again to play the game as previously mentioned:

1. Visit and join the CSC Discord Channel here and acquire a limited Alpha Steam Key from the CSC team. Steam Keys will now be given to any user who has purchased a Crate from the crate sale, or who has a ship (either bought or gifted). (Updated 29/06/2019) 2. Download the latest version of the game using the standalone client for either Windows or Mac. The latest download link is in the CSC Discord. Please join the Discord here (it is worthwhile to join the Discord anyway). Once in the server, use the Bot command !download— This will then generate the latest Download of the game for both PC and MAC OS.

I strongly recommend using the Steam Build if you’re able to get an alpha key as long-term during the Alpha an updates will be done automatically through Steam.

There will be further Crates Sales over the next few months (June/July 2019). This will include a Weapons specific crate, and a Transport specific crate (they will be added to the current set of crates and in addition to the mining specific crate).

Part 2 of this Guide has been created and it explores the actual Alpha Build of CSC. It explains, with graphics, how to start, access your ships in the hangar, assign modules and the basics of flying in the CSC Universe (plus much more, including as many tips and tricks that I know!).

The link to the Part 2 of this How to Play CSC Guide is here.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and hopefully it is benefited you. Please consider signing up to CSC through my link in this article, as I receive a 5% referral — https://www.csc-game.com/?cmdRef=5d2e3ae462d3aa

Please like and share this post, Follow me on Medium or Publish0x Follow on Twitter etc. My Social Details are below. I’m also active in the CSC Discord Channel and will happily help any player who requires any further information for how to play, what to buy, valuations of ships/modules etc.

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