Ferengi Alliance and Dark Horizon announce Non-Aggression Pact

In preparation for the beginning of ore persistence in the coming weeks the guilds Ferengi Alliance and Dark Horizon have signed a Non-Aggression Pact in an effort to bring stability to the galaxy. Both organizations agreed that stability and peace are key to economic prosperity and hope to set a standard for the galaxy as it moves towards a time of great expansion, both in terms of the economy and population. The terms of the NAP have been published to the Ethereum blockchain for all Galactic Federation Citizens to view as well as to ensure the existence of an immutable agreement. The agreement will begin with the start of ore persistence and cover both Core and Fringe Space. Pilots of both guilds will be required to wear badges stating their membership organization to allow for proper identification. The text of the NAP can be viewed at this transaction hash, click "Click To See More" then view input as UTF-8: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xe6b51ef8a448098f2a9834ec49a6409da143ce3af422f11e09d08e742c2653b0 The transaction containing the message was sent between Commander RyanJK of the Dark Horizon Council and Commander Trislit, Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance. The Ferengi stated that they intend to focus on the economic development of their new currency, Gold Plated Latinum, and feel a NAP with Dark Horizon will allow them to dedicate more resources to the effort. The Council of Dark Horizon, as the founding guild in the galaxy, felt the need to establish a sense of stability and diplomacy for commanders new to the galaxy. Going forward both organizations expressed a desire to cooperate for the economic prosperity of the galaxy and hope to see continued development in their diplomatic relations.

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