Current Ship Distributions and Rarity - November 2019

Greetings Commanders!

Today we have data on a frequently pondered topic in the CSCverse, ship rarities! It has been very difficult to determine rarity and availability of ships, specifically Mass Production ships, for a long time as we await the release of the public API and the wealth of data it will provide. Now, thanks to a little number wrangling and some assistance from Commander Fazri, we have a pretty clear picture on the current status of ship supply in the CSCverse.

First, some caveats, these numbers do NOT include ships that may be in unopened crates. Second, these numbers include ships that are currently held in the LS vault for potential future use, the number of the held ships is not considerable though and amounts to much less than 1% of the total supply. To start off lets take a look at the distribution between the four types of ships we have and give new commanders a quick intro on the different ship types.

First Fleet: FF ships are enhanced versions of their MP counterparts, they come with 150 blueprints for manufacturing mastery, stats buffs, special abilities and unlimited replication(they can never be destroyed. Halloween Edition: HE ships are the same as FF ships except they also have some snazzy skins, a small batch is released every Halloween.

Mass Production: MP ships make up the bulk of the ships in supply, your typical ship that comes with only 5 blueprints and 1x replication insurance, meaning these ships are able to be destroyed permanently once perma-loss is enacted down the road.

Standard Edition: SE ships are the starter ships, there are currently only 3 in circulation and they come with purchase of the game on Steam or in the Starter Crates which you can purchase. They are nerfed 30-40% in comparison to their MP counterparts.

Due to the overwhelming amount of USS Rio Grandes I will be providing distributions both with Rio Grandes and without Rio Grandes to give a better view of the ship distribution more as it relates to current gameplay. There are currently 13,117 ships in circulation in the game and the distribution of the types is as follows:

Heres the type distribution without Rio Grandes:

Next, lets look at the distribution by ship class. Something important to note here is how large the scout class is due to the Rio Grande from the ST sale, despite this they are largely unused in gameplay relative to their number.

With Rio Grande numbers removed the numbers are much more even:

Now to get into the good stuff, the per ship data. First we have the distribution numbers for Intrepid, Corsair and Prometheus ships. The % Rarity is based off the total supple of ships including Rio Grandes.

Lastly, the overall data including Rio Grandes. Something to note is that the Destroyer MP, Nomad MP and Breeze MP were the only MP ships available for purchase prior to the crate sales that started in late May. However, both the Breeze and Destroyer were also included in crates whereas the Nomad was not. This is why the Breeze MP and Destroyer MP have much greater numbers than the rest of the non-Star Trek ships in their class.

If you are interested in learning more about the rare and unique ships included in this table you can check out our article on them here.

Smooth flying Commanders and stay frosty.

Commander RyanJK out

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