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CSCverse Features and Tools Update

Just finished a weekend long update and feature building sprint for the website and there are a lot of new and much needed improvements with the groundwork laid for more to come! I am gearing up CSCverse for the release of the official CSC API and marketplace that we will be using combined with the OpenSea API to provide a large amount of market data, game info and analysis. Lets get on to everything that has been added!

New Home Page and Slight Redesign

You probably have noticed that home page is no longer just blog posts, there is an actual home page now! On the new home page you will find our six latest blog posts, a quick explanation of the tools and features available, and a feed of the official CSC twitter. The old home page can now be found by clicking Blog in the menu.

System Data Index

We have added a database of all of the systems with a variety of stats including

  • Number of jumpgates, stations and marked asteroid fields

  • Distance to nearest jumpgate

  • Nearest System and distance

  • Star Facts link for real life details on every star system

In the future these system pages will continue to be updated to include things like system market data, workshop availability and cost, potential navigation routes, maps and more. Ship Index and Comparison Tool

Two new pages with up to date stats with speeds translated to in-game metrics. The comparison tool lets you view two ships side-by-side for easy decision making. In the future the individual ship pages will include, market data, market listing, supply and rarity information, potential builds and more.

Member Accounts and Pages

We are fully embracing member sign-ups and accounts to lay the groundwork for future tools specific to your member account. The first private tool coming is the Ore Distribution Tracking tool. This tool will allow you to submit your mined ore for systems so you can track the distributions and easily identify which systems are good for which ores. This information will be viewable only by you and will be available on an ore summary page along with the individual system pages. Roleplaying Profiles

Users now have the ability to submit profiles, pictures and backstories for their characters. This will allow other players to find them easily for RP groups and also give them a personal public profile to flesh out their character's story.

Going forward we will also be updating our Guilds page and reintroducing the Streamers page. We will also be introducing CSCverse approved starter packs for new players to get up and running with no work. We are always looking for guest authors, ideas, and any feedback you would like to provide. Feel free to leave a comment below, reach out to us on Twitter or send me a DM on discord.

Commander RyanJK out


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