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CSC Valuation Space #04: The Cost of SE Ship Equipping

In Ryan's recent post he discussed how upgrading an SE ship can significantly increase the performance... you can read that post here. The SE ship packages offered by LS are $10, $30 and $60. So what will it cost you to upgrade to what Ryan discussed? Using the last couple months of Opensea sales history I've calculated that cost to give you an idea...

V.I.C.E. Vanguard SE (Founders Starter Crate $10)

Sigma Corvette SE (Explorer Starter Crate $30)

Vulcan Voyager SE (Adventurers Starter Crate $60)

As you can see for the performance increases mentioned (Ryan estimated 50 - 200%) the cost are fairly reasonable. Not to mention that when the market place is open in the game, many of the frictions we now see for buying and selling could be eliminating, and a huge amount of untapped modules released for sale, could mean even cheaper prices than what is indicated above.

In my opinion upgrading and modifying your ship is already one of the most fun aspects of the game. Dive in and have some fun, for a budget of $30 - $60 you can really up your game and be force to recon with, both economically and militarily!

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