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CSC Valuation Space: #03 Voucher Valuation History

All information is current as of August 10, 2019.

In the last valuation update we looked at the values and history of First fleet (FF) ships. In the same fashion below is a look at the three vouchers that were released by LS in the early pre-sale days. The vouchers are a ticket for any ship in that class that you would like to have, this function is not enabled at the time of this post, but in the future if you have a Prometheus voucher you can turn that voucher into a mass production version of any ship available. Values have, maybe not surprisingly, been relatively flat over the last year. Its hard to see the value of something that you can't use right now. Many of us see these vouchers as having a wild card option value to them. In general they should trade for the cost of the highest value mass production (MP) ship in each of the classes given you will be able to turn them into those ships at that time. The one caveat to that is the 5 additional blue prints and 1x loss replication that current MP ships have. BUT the vouchers also can be turned into any future ships that might come out (not including FF or Special addition ships). We don't know what that will look like in the future, but could mean they have substantial value especially if held for a long time, and used at a time when most have been converted, and something new and special is introduced.


Current Market Value: $20 - $30

Fundamental Value: Unknown

The chart below represents 133 sales over the last year or so on opensea.io The trend is pretty flat in ETH and modestly positive in USD. At the low doing the CSC winter of last year they were going for $5!


Current Market Value: $40 - $60

Fundamental Value: Unknown

The chart below represents 155 sales on opensea.io over the last year. Again the trend over the last year has been relatively flat in ETH, but slighly up in USD. During the CSC winter you could have grabbed one of these for $15. At $50ish bucks they seem like a pretty good value still.


Current Market Value: $110 - $150

Fundamental Value: Unknown

The chart below represents 135 sales on opensea.io over the last year. The Prometheus voucher looks to have the same pattern as the other vouchers. One interesting thing to note is that these trade for $200 to $400 early on, but have since settled way down as more has been learned about the game dynamics.

Disclaimer, I own all of the vouchers listed above, so have a desire for positive information here, but they do not represent a significant portion of my finances so hopefully I can remain objective in my analysis!

For a discussion of why we are primarily using USD and not ETH please the our previous post: https://www.cscverse.com/post/csc-valuation-series-01-the-unit-of-account

For information on the FF valuation's check out this post:


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