Guilds of CSC

Guilds are organized groups of players that cooperate together for the benefit of each other both economically and militarily. Each guild has it's own mission and standards that they abide by. Joining a guild is a good way for a player to gain protection, teammates, and learn to play from experienced players.


Dark Horizon

As the first corporation in the CSC Universe, Dark Horizon intends to be the premier, self-sufficient expeditionary and economic force of the universe. This will be made possible through the commitment and cooperation of Dark Horizon members and by maintaining a member base with diverse skill sets and specialties. The strengths of Dark Horizon are grounded in its organization, coordination and preparation; the more we sweat in peacetime the less we bleed in war.

Discord  |  Rules of Conduct and Engagement  |  Membership Application


Ferengi Alliance

The Ferengi Alliance is a neutral party, that focuses on trade, economics, and financial acquisition. Regarding conflicts with other galactic powers, we peacefully apply economic pressure using our considerable financial resources. We value wealth above all else, outlined within the Rules of Acquisition



Borg Collective

The Borg co-opt the technology and knowledge of other alien species to the Collective through the process of "assimilation". Borg civilization is based on a hive or group mind known as the Collective. Each Borg drone is linked to the collective by a sophisticated subspace network that ensures each member is given constant supervision and guidance. The mental energy of the group consciousness can help an injured or damaged drone heal or regenerate damaged body parts or technology. The collective consciousness not only gives them the ability to "share the same thoughts", but also to adapt with great speed to tactics used against them."Resistance is futile".



The Fox Den

Take from the rich, give to the poor! Fox Den is known for being the “Space Robinhood” in CSC. We strive to provide a fair and fun gaming experience for those who are committed to giving back when possible. Fox Den and it’s many committed followers will bring equality to all those who seek it across the universe! We aren’t a rag tag group of space pirates, we are the force behind the balance of everything CSC. Individually we are small, together we are unstoppable. Join the ONLY alliance looking to bring down the top dogs and spread the wealth evenly amongst Fox Den. Looking to make a difference, hunt down precarious loot and work with a group of dedicated gamers...... look no further.


Join the #fox-den channel on the CSC Discord for more info.

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