Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSC?

CSC (Crypto Space Commander) is a sandbox space MMO that operates a player-owned economy. Players can travel to different star systems, mine stellar bodies for resources, craft items and ships to sell, battle pirates and other players while commanding their very own starship. CSC utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to secure game assets, enforce P2P contract actions, and run the game economy.

Do I need an Ethereum Wallet?

NO! While all of the assets in CSC are able to be minted on the Ethereum blockchain an Ethereum wallet is not necessary to play. This is made possible by Scarcity Engine which allows you to maintain your assets off-chain until you are ready to mint them and add them to a wallet if you ever want to.

However, an Ethereum wallet will allow you to directly control your assets outside of the game, including transfering and selling them with direct transactions or using third-party sites such as

If you would like to start an Ethereum wallet see this link for instructions and info.

What is minting and detaching?

When items in CSC are initially created they exist as virtual items only, they do not yet exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Minting will add the item to the Ethereum blockchain so then you can interact with it further. After minting the item you can then detach it, this will add the item to your Ethereum wallet. Once an item is in your Ethereum wallet you can do whatever you like with it: gift it, sell it, auction it etc. There is no need to mint an item unless you wish to interact with it outside of the game.

You can mint and detach an item by going to your profile on the CSC website and clicking into the Asset Details of the specific item. Currently it costs 50 GFC(50 cents) to mint and item and 25 GFC(25 cents) to detach an item.

What are GFC and GRP?

GFC and GRP are the primary currencies of the CSC universe. GFC stands for Galactic Federation Credits and GRP stands for Galactic Reputation Pips. The key difference between the two is GFC is purchasable directly using Credit Cards, Ethereum or Paypal whereas GRP is not and will only be able to be earned in-game.

Once the in-game marketplace is launched both currencies, along with ETH(Ether), will be used to purchase items. 

How do I get a ship?

There are currently 4 ways to obtain a ship:

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